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ot; style="text-align: left;">Watched Items If you would like to track the progress of an auction without bidding on it, you can choose to watch the item.

1. In every item listing, you will see a Watch This Item link - like this: To add an item to your Watched Items list, simply click on this link:

2. To view your Watched Items list, go to the Watched Items section of the Members Area:

Favorite Stores

Allows users to operate their own stores within the auction site. Selecting a store as a favorite allows you quick and easy access to it directly from your Members Area, without having to search for it.

1. To access a complete list of stores or to search the store directory, click on the stores link in the navigation bar:

2. At the top of each stores home page, there is an Add To Favorites link. Click this to add this store to your Favorite Stores: To see a list of all of your favorite stores, go to Members Area / Bidding / Favorite Stores:


Listing An Item For Sale

Here a step-by-step guide to listing an item for sale by auction, offer or buy out. Most steps are the same for all types of listing.

1. Start by clicking on the Sell link on the main navigation bar:

2. Choose whether you would like the item listed on the main auction site, in your shop only (if you have one) or in both locations. Note that shop-only items will only be visible to visitors to your store.

3. Choose a main category for your item. The active category list is indicated by an orange border - each time you select a category, a list of appropriate sub-categories will be displayed until no further detail is possible. Simply click on a category to select it: Once the category has been finalized, the Next Step button will be highlighted:

4. You may select an additional category for your item if you wish. Some items fit naturally into more than one category, and having an additional category can help more users find your item.

5. You now need to specify the Item Details. Once you have done this, click Next Step to continue:

Field Name Description

Choose Listing Type

In most circumstances a full listing is more suitable. If you find that many of the options you are offered are not relevant, try a quick listing.

Item Title

Enter a title for your item. This will be displayed in category listings and search results.


Enter a description of your item. Generally, the more detail you can provide, the better.

Main Category

This confirms your choice of main listing category.

Additional Category

This confirms your choice of additional listing category (if any).

Voucher Settings

Include any voucher codes you may have in this field. Otherwise it should be left blank.

The next stage is to configure the settings for your item:

Field Name Description

Auction Type

Choose between standard (listing one item) and Dutch (listing multiple, identical items).


Choose the currency you wish to use.


Specify how many items you are selling.

Auction Starts At

Specify the starting bid for your auction.

Enable Reserve

If you would like a reserve price, check this box. A reserve price prevents an item selling below a certain price, regardless of how much the final bid is for.

Reserve Price


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