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the reserve price if applicable

Buy Out price

A Buy Out price enables bidders to buy your item instantly - without having to wait for the auction to end.

Offer Range

If you are willing to accept offers for your item, specify the price range you are prepared to consider.

Bid Increment

This controls how much more each bid is than the previous bid. In most circumstances the default choice will be suitable.

Item Featuring

This allows you to promote your item more widely - choose any combination of featuring you would like.

Start Time

Allows you to choose to start your auction now, or at a later time.

End Time

Choose the duration of your auction - from a standard range of options or by specifying a specific future date.

Private Auction

If you would like to hide user ids of bidders from other users, select a private auction. Bidders user ids will still be visible to you, the seller.

Accept Swap Offers

Indicate whether you are prepared to swap your item for a suitable alternative.


Upload up to three images of the item you are listing. Files can be uploaded from your computer or from another website.


Upload a video file of your item. Files can be uploaded from your computer or from another website.

Auto Relist

Enable the automatic relisting of your item. You can choose to have it re listed only in the case it does not sell and can specify how many times it will be automatically relisted.

Shipping And Payment Details

Specify whether the buyer or seller should pay for postage. Specify the postage and insurance costs. Indicate whether you will post the item overseas.

Direct Payment

Check the box next to each of the direct payment methods that you will accept.

Offline Payment

Check the box next to each of the offline payment methods that you will accept. Note that you, the buyer, should be equipped to handle these payment methods yourself.

Preview your listing to see how it will look to buyers and make any changes necessary using the Previous Step button.

You can also choose to Save as Draft - this will save your listing and allow you to return to it later. If you are happy with the listing, press the List button to publish the listing. You will then see a message confirming that it has been accepted and informing you of the fee for the listing:

Managing Your Selling Items

You can manage all of your selling items from the Selling section of the Members Area:


The open view shows all of the items you currently have listed in active auctions:

The Selling Totals section provides a simple summary of the number of items at each selling status, and the Open Auctions table below lists each item currently being sold.

You can sort the items Open Auctions table by clicking on the arrowheads by each column heading.

Items with Bids/Offers

The Items with Bids /Offers view shows all the items you are currently selling that have bids of offers on them: The Selling Totals table provides an at-a-glance view of all your selling activity.


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