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right of the screen:

3. Select a suitable star rating - from 1 to 5, and enter any comments you would like to make into the comments field. When you are finished, click on Leave Comments to store your comments and rating:

4. If you now return to the auction item, you will be able to click on the other users reputation and see your comments in their reputation information:

About Me

The About Me facility enables users to provide a little information about themselves to other users. For business users, this might be information about their business and a link to their own website. Personal users might want to provide some information on their hobbies and interests - especially if they are the main reason for their auction activities.

You can set up an About Me page like this:

1. Click on the About Me link in the Members Area:

2. Enable the About Me page:

3. Enter some suitable information into the text field. Use the toolbar at the top of the text area to format your text: You can also include hyperlinks - just click on the symbol and enter the target URL and the link text.

4. When you have finished, click on the Proceed button to save your About Me page.

You will now see an additional icon appear alongside your user id: Anyone who clicks on the About Me logo will be taken to your About Me page:

My Store

The auction system allows sellers to operate their own private Stores. They can customize the appearance of the store and the categories used within it and include detailed information about their business and their stock.

By default, a users store subscription is disabled - as most users will not have any use for a store. Enabling stores is simple and instant and provides users with a choice of five levels of store:

Free Store up to 3 items

Basic Store up to 10 items,

Medium Store up to 50 items

Advanced Store up to 100 items

Expert Store up to 500 items

Apart from the number of items that can be stocked, there are no other differences between the store types.

Setting Up A Store - Subscription Setup

1. To get started with stores, go to the My Store section of the Members Area and select Subscription Setup

2. At the top, you will see a summary of your store subscription status, showing subscription payment dates and the number of items presently listed.

If you have not had a store before, the Store Status will be disabled.

3. To setup a store, ensure the Enable Store check box is checked:

4. Select the type of store you wish to operate:

5. Click Proceed to activate the store and confirm your choices: Your store is now ready for use, although you should probably consider adding some further information to it using the Main Settings, Store Pages and Custom Categories sections, which are explained below.

Main Settings

The Main Settings section allows you to customize your store and provide information about the kind of items you offer for sale. There are five fields you can populate (all are optional):

Field Description

Store Name

The name of your store

Store Description

A description of your store - the kind of items you sell, your trading history, your business, etc this can be formatted and include links to other sites.

Store Meta Keywords

You should enter relevant keywords for your store here - words that people might search for if they were looking for the kind of items you sell

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