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Store Logo

If you have a logo you would like displayed with your store listing, you can upload it here using the Browse and Upload buttons. You can also use a graphics file from another website by entering its URL into the Enter URL field and then clicking Upload.

Store Designs

Choose from a number of alternative store designs, to help make your store more distinctive.

Store Pages

The Store Pages section allows you to provide additional information about your store, including details of your special offers and shipping information. All of these sections can be updated at any point and changes made will immediately be applied to your store.

Field Description

Number of Store Featured Items

Specify how many of your stores items you would like to highlight as feature items at the top of your stores home page.

Number of Ending Soon Store Items

All store items are listed for a fixed length of time. Specify how many ending soon items you would like highlighting in the Ending Soon section on the store home page.

Number of Recently Listed Store Items
Recently listed items can be highlighted in the Recently Listed section at the top of your stores home page. Specify how many of your most recent items you would like including in this section.

About This Store

Include additional information about your store, stock or yourself here.

Store Specials

Provide full details of any special offers you are running here.

Shipping Information

Include full details of your shipping policies here, such as postage methods, return policies and packaging information.

Company Policies

Include any further details of your company policies here.

Custom Categories

All items are placed in a category of your choice when listed in an online auction or as a store item. Within your own store you can choose which categories are available and you can create your own custom categories. Please note that custom categories can only be used for Store-only listings - so if you want to list your item in the general auction listings as well as in your store, you may prefer to use the standard categories that are available.

Setting Up A Custom Category

1. To setup a custom category, go to the My Store / Custom Categories section of your Members Area: 2. Enter the name of your category into the Add Category field, then click the Save Changes button: You can add as many categories as you need in this way.

3. When you have finished adding new categories, click on the Generate Categories button to complete the creation of your custom categories.

Selecting Categories For Your Store If you dont want to create your own custom categories you can choose to restrict which of the standard categories are available in your store instead.

1. In My Store / Custom Categories section of your Members Area, scroll down to the Store Categories section:

2. Select the categories you would like to use by clicking on them (hold down the Ctrl key at the same time for multiple selections):

3. Click on the -> button to add these categories to your store. Selecting your own categories will automatically mean that only these categories are available in your store.

Listing Items For Sale In Your Store See Selling.

Viewing Your Store

1. To view your store, click on the Stores link on the main navigation bar:

2. Type the name of your store into the Store search box: 2. Click on your stores name to enter it

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